Daniel Ravenel SIR - Cannonborough and Elliotborough

Cannonborough and Elliotborough


Cannonborough and Elliotborough are located above Morris and Bee Streets on the Peninsula and house a large portion of Charleston’s student population. Known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula” this area was originally two separate boroughs but has been combined in recent years. Currently undergoing an incredibly fast paced revitalization, Cannonborough/Ellitoborough is truly an eclectic urban mix of businesses and residents. The Spring Cannon corridor, so named for the two main streets of the area, is an example of this urban renewal and has seen a number of new bakeries, flowershops and some of the best new restaurants in the area.

Residents of Cannonborough/Ellitoborough enjoy easy walking access to the College of Charleston, Medical University and also to Upper King Street’s restaurants and bars. This area is a lively mix of age groups and often has heavy pedestrian and bike traffic. With the high population of student residents, this area has many well priced homes and is a prime location to invest in a rental property.