Susan Myers

Susan Myers

Savannah Real Estate Professional

About Susan:

Community and heritage. These are themes that have recurred throughout my career. I was born and raised in Savannah, and I know it like the back of my hand. For example, Savannah has 9 historic districts from mansions to worker cottages. I enjoy introducing a client to Savannah and explaining how it developed. It all depends on transportation. You see, at first, everything had to be within walking distance. Then came the trolley line and finally the car. After a tour of the city, I'd suggest a visit to 'Popas,' where you can get what I'd deem the best fresh fried shrimp and crab stew in town. On a day off, I love to read a good book. I play competitive bridge, which might surprise people. And I like to travel, even by the sea...I went around the world on an ocean liner for three months! I live in an 1840 era house that my husband and I bought right when the revitalization of the Landmark District was just beginning. That project helped me get my feet wet in the world of historic renovations, which I've learned are not for the faint of heart! I was so interested in historic preservation that when my daughter went off for college I enrolled myself at SCAD, and earned a Master's Degree in Historic Preservation. I'm involved with the Historic Savannah Foundation and my clients have benefitted from my knowledge of federal and state historic tax credits, the permitting process, the property freeze, and the facade easement program. There is so much that I love about Savannah. For example, Spring in Savannah is magical. You have the soft breeze, the azaleas in all their brilliant colors, and the tulip magnolias are in bloom. I'm also a master gardener, so if you're looking to learn more about which plants grow best in our area, I have you covered! I also adore historic buildings, I love their details. It is great fun to read a building's development. For example, most old houses have enclosed the rear porch for a larger kitchen. I am also good at reading a neighborhood’s development stage, which helps me pinpoint emerging areas. I was recently asked about my favorite aesthetic for a historic home. That is a tough one! I'd say tall ceilings, large articulated windows, hardwood floors, gorgeous molding, solid doors, and I love the vibrancy of urban areas. I've negotiated so many interesting transactions in real estate! One that I'm particularly proud of was a high-end house in the Landmark District that I sold to a young doctor from the West Coast. I helped them set up their move so that everything had been moved in when they arrived from their drive across the country. I wanted everything to be perfect. I see the purchase and sale of real estate as a major milestone! I work with all types of properties, and I've found that if the home is historic, my skill set can dramatically and directly benefit my clients.

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Susan Myers

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