Douglas Haggist

Douglas Haggist

Hilton Head Island Real Estate Professional

About Douglas:

Douglas is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, investor, international property developer, and family office leader. Raised in New York, Douglas was determined to travel, work, and study abroad. He spent 15 years in Europe and now resides between the United States, England, and Brazil. He is the father of two amazing sons and the grateful husband of (and assistant to) his wife, Talita.

Living and working internationally provided Douglas with deep insights into, and appreciation of, a wide variety of cultural influences on character. It has allowed Douglas to establish rapport effortlessly and negotiate effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds. His undergraduate concentrations in Physics and Philosophy fostered his ability to seamlessly transition between discrete analysis and abstraction. His further study of Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Japanese languages made him a more effective communicator and attentive listener. His study of marketing and negotiation at business school prepared him to identify, cultivate, and transact with successful individuals all over the world.

Douglas is forthright, with an elegant persistence. He is an ebullient student and aspires to learn something new from everyone he meets. His astounding ability to recognize patterns, solve problems, and create new opportunities accounts for his multi-billion-dollar transaction history.

Working with Douglas you will become life-long friends; together you will realize your greatest potential, accomplish your most desired objectives, enrich your lifestyle, and improve the world.

Douglas studied at Colgate University, and Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He is an avid tennis, chess, go, and backgammon player. He is also currently involved in several rainforest conservation projects in Brazil.

Douglas Haggist

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