Amy Lance Leath

Amy Lance Leath

Bluffton Real Estate Professional

About Amy:

Amy Lance Leath is a native Atlantan who recently moved to Beaufort SC in 2022. She obtained her real estate license in 1991 and has enjoyed a successful career representing both commercial and residential properties. Amy has been a landlord of rental properties, and a designer, builder and general contractor, having become well known in the Atlanta community for her complete renovation of the historic Chastain Stables into the Chastain Horse Park where she also served as president for 15 years. Amy's passion for historic and new buildings is evident in her experience as a builder of residential homes, as general contractor of the Chastain Horse Park renovation which included a three-story clubhouse, and as the owner of a 1926 Neel Reid estate on the National Register of Historic Homes. Her network spans many social and corporate circles due to her community involvement through a broad range of non-profit organizations as well as her role as consultant and adviser to many businesses. The reputation she earned as a visionary, hard worker and bright thinker demonstrates a solid confidence to all who work with her on real estate transactions.

Amy Lance Leath

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