December 21, 2022 • Bluffton

Agent Takeover: Catherine Donaldson

Catherine Donaldson, Principal Partner in The Donaldson Group, is a top-producing agent serving Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. Routinely entrusted with the presentation of multi-million dollar homes, her standards are high, especially for herself. From real estate to philanthropy, motherhood, and even karaoke – Cat doesn’t do anything halfway.

Her passion and commitment make her an exceptional member of the Daniel Ravenel Sotheby’s International Realty family, and we are so proud to feature her in our inaugural Agent Takeover!

“Be memorable and stay in touch with your clients. Building a successful career in this industry is made easier through client referrals and repeat business over time, even years and years after the initial contact or sale. If they can’t remember you, they will call someone else. When I ask someone fairly new to the area who their agent was and they cannot remember, I cringe. That will NEVER happen on my watch.”

Cat Donaldson
38 Ensis Road, Hilton Head Island | Offered at $6,250,000

“When you love where you live, not only does it make it easy to sell the area to newcomers, but it also creates a desire to give back to your community. I want to be the person that people in the community know they can call when there is a need. During the onset of the Covid pandemic, when I learned that the youngest of Beaufort county students were unable to get online and finish their schooling during quarantine, I raised nearly $60,000 in a few weeks and distributed over 1000 kindles to children throughout the county. When my husband died in 2016 from a massive heart attack, I stepped up and was the chairperson for the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball, raising a record amount of money that year. I’m also proud to continue to support the Amazing Grace Sulak Scholarship Fund. In memory of beloved student-athlete Grace Sulak, the fund awards annual scholarships to Bluffton and Hilton Head Island students pursuing post-secondary education.”

Cat Donaldson
Cat donating to the Amazing Grace Sulak Scholarship Fund

“My children. Period. But reeling in my first Blue Marlin in Turks and Caicos and watching a setting sun from the top of the Great Sand Dunes are pretty close second-place moments.”

Cat Donaldson
Cat with her family at the 2019 Heart Ball

“I think I can work a room better than anyone around. But it’s a natural thing – my father knew I would be in sales at a very young age. He took me to a minor league baseball game in Jackson, MS. While in the concession line, he looked up to find me gone. Frantic and knowing my mother would kill him, he raced around the stadium to no avail. After what probably seemed like an eternity, his name was called on the loudspeaker. Obeying the announcer’s instructions, he found me, a quite outgoing 8-year-old, comfortably seated on Governor William Winters’s lap in the stadium’s box. I had recognized him as he passed, followed him, promptly stuck out my hand to introduce myself, and asked if I could sit with him for the game. He obliged, and the rest is history.”

Cat Donaldson
Cat at the Daniel Ravenel Sotheby’s International Realty Savannah Office Grand Opening

Juggling apparently. Nearly 100 million in sales in the last two years while still maintaining a healthy balance outside of real estate. One child out of college, two still attending colleges 9-10 hours away, and a 12-year-old that plays football, baseball, and can out fish and out hunt most grown men. It’s a good thing I function better when busy.

Cat Donaldson
135 Gascoigne Bluff Road, Palmetto Bluff | Sold by The Donaldson Group for $5,800,000

“It’s actually Mustang Sally, but only because in my wilder and much younger days, I had what apparently was one heckuva karaoke rendition in a bar in Gibraltar.”

Cat Donaldson

Contact Cat Donaldson

[email protected]


Follow Cat and her team for more at @catkdonaldson and @thedonaldsongroupsc on Instagram, and The Donaldson Group on Facebook

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