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Harleston Village, located to the southwest of Downtown, is a diverse and vibrant area of Charleston. Previously known as Harleston’s Green, this parcel of land was originally granted to John Coming and Henry Hughes in the late 17th Century. It gained its name from a descendent of John Coming named John Harleston, whose descendants created today’s streets. Named for prominent men of the period, some of the major streets are Rutledge Avenue (named for prominent local leader John Rutledge), Pitt Street (named for William Pitt of parliamentary fame) and Bull Street (named for Lt. Governor William Bull). Growth was slow however, and well into the 19th century a large part of the area was used for large lumber mills which benefited from tidal pools and creeks. The remnants of these waterways still linger, and one was converted in the 1890s to Colonial Lake.

One of the largest downtown neighborhoods, Harleston Village boasts a number of large single homes and many multifamily dwellings as well. Minutes from The Battery and home to Colonial Lake, Cannon Park, Moultrie Park, and the City Marina, Harleston Village is a mecca for joggers, bikers, and walkers. The public tennis facilities at Moultrie Park are top of the line, and the Colonial Lake offers lovely views from prominent homes. Harleston Village is well located just north of Broad Street and south of Calhoun and between the Medical University and the College of Charleston. This prime location allows Harleston Village to offer its residents easy pedestrian access to some of the best restaurants, shopping, and bars Charleston has to offer.