July – September Market Update

The third-quarter results are in and they are showing a strong year continuing in our region overall. Year to date we are up 10.5% in number of sales in the Greater Charleston Region. Sales prices are up 5% overall, which is great growth but still below the 30 year trend line which shows that we have still not reached a “bubble” level as seen in 2006-2007.

You may have heard in the news of our area’s brush with Hurricane Matthew. Luckily Charleston was spared the worst of the storm but some homes did flood unfortunately. Many buyers new to our area are not educated properly on flood insurance and the general flood prone areas of downtown and elsewhere. This is why it is so important to have a professional, local realtor help advise your purchasing decisions. Only the best agents have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand the benefits and costs of each unique location in our diverse market!!

Below you will find our quarterly E-Book. Please give us a call to find out more about how these numbers affect you: 843-723-7150.