Find Your Ideal Charleston Garden

Visitors love coming to Charleston to soak up the history, architecture and overall beauty of the Lowcountry. A key piece of

The gardens at 13 Johnson Road exude a European charm.

The gardens at 13 Johnson Road exude a European charm.

that is Charleston’s impeccable gardens. Whether it’s a historic plantation or a private home in the heart of the historic district, the gardens are breath-taking with their blooming flowers, trees and carefully planted beds and walkways.

House hunters in the Charleston area will be drawn to homes with traditional Charleston gardens and spacious outdoors living areas. Thanks to Charleston’s warm climate, homeowners have ample opportunity to enjoy their pools, gardens, patio views and outdoor living spaces.

If you’re looking for a home with great gardens, put these requirements on the list for your real estate agent:

  • A garden that uses some native plants and has been designed to thrive in Charleston’s climate. The summer heat and humidity can wilt any plants not suited to the weather, so you’ll want a garden that can tolerant heat and doesn’t require constant watering.
  • A garden planted to thrive all year long. Because of Charleston’s relatively mild winters and its warm spring and fall, gardens can produce colorful shows throughout the year. A space planted with a variety of species will bloom in different seasons and provide visual interest that varies month to month.
  • A garden space that bridges the indoors and the outdoors. Looks for homes with spacious porches and patios, French doors that open onto verandas and outdoor kitchens and living spaces that provide a natural flow to and from the gardens.

For two excellent examples of Charleston gardens, check out these properties listed by Daniel Ravenel Sotheby’s International Realty.


71 Anson offers lovely porches overlooking the saline pool.

Located in the heart of downtown Charleston’s Ansonborough neighborhood is 71 Anson St., an incredible space with mature gardens and a saline pool. Planned gardens with flowering plants and ornamental shrubs frame the pool and create a storybook like setting. Known as the Thomas Doughty House, this home was built in 1808 so its historic gardens include traditional Charleston garden rooms with mature landscaping. Porches overlook the pool, which is lined by Italian Cypress trees that create a natural privacy wall and calming views.

On James Island, homebuyers will be drawn to a lakeside English manor with elegant gardens and exceptional lake views. The house at 13 Johnson Road was built in 2007 yet looks as if it’s been on the property for centuries. The grand stone entrance complements the surrounding landscaping and gardens to create a unique home experience. With an outdoor kitchen and pool, homeowners can escape to the outdoors to relax while taking in the lake views, blooming hydrangeas and mature trees and hedges that create a natural privacy barrier.