Charleston Parks Undergoing Renovations

Lots of news has emerged regarding Charleston’s many parks in the last year. Colonial Lake is in the middle of a major facelift, Gadsdenborough Park has a new name and a new look, and there are talks of some significant changes to the well loved Hampton Park.

Colonial Lake :
As locals and visitors alike have notice, the Colonial Lake renovation is well underway. Began at the start of 2015, this renovation will include new sidewalks, improved drainage systems, and fabulous new trees and plantings. The footprint of the park will be slightly larger to accommodate additional pedestrian traffic as well as sitting areas at the four corners. On-street parking and two way traffic on Ashley and Rutledge Avenues will still be in place upon completion. The lake will also feature historical markers and descriptions of the parks uses in the past. This project is an enormous undertaking, and is being funded by a public-private partnership between the Charleston Parks Conversancy, the City of Charleston and the Historic Charleston Foundation.

Colonial Lake Rendering

Colonial Lake Rendering

Gadsdenborough Park is another major renovation project, and has just wrapped up the work in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Gadsdenborough Park (formerly known as Concord Park) is bounded by Laurens, Concord, Washington and Calhoun Streets and is a vast space offering playing fields and walking and sitting areas. Upgrades to the park have included an ambitious drainage system with perforated pipes to allow the field to drain very fast following heavy rain storms. This is an ideal situation for the several playing fields the park offers. Additional changes include a new nautical themed playground for children, and god walking areas separate from the well used playing fields, and bench swings for enjoying the river breezes.

Hampton Park's existing cafe facility.

Hampton Park’s existing cafe facility.

Hampton Park Updates may be coming soon as well. A recent article in Post and Courier cites a new plan being evaluated by city council which would allow a café, limited event space usage, and expanded access to all the grounds and facilities at Hampton Park. Currently a large passive park, Hampton Park is located on the upper peninsula and surrounded by Mary Murray Drive. Historically the park has been a horse race track, a plantation, and the site of a world fair. With 63 acres, there is plenty of space to work with and these plans take that into account. The plans include a lease to the Charleston Parks Conservancy to allow them to maintain and upgrade sections of the park for more active uses. With Wagener Terrace and Hampton Park Terrace neighborhoods, this area has seen an incredible renaissance of new dining and community facilities opening up. The plans for Hampton Park fit right into this narrative and would offer even more amenities in an already heavily used public space.

With all the new building activity in Charleston and the strong growth economy, we are thrilled to see our public spaces continue to be upgraded and renovated to match the needs of our growing population. Find out more about these projects today by reaching out to one of our professional local realtors.